"Zvjezdorito... There's something I have to tell you.."
- Uncle Steve about to reveal his true identity to Zvjezdorito during their forbidden love

Uncle Steve

Growing up, Steve had a fascination for girly things and enjoyed dressing up very feminine and calling himself a woman. For a long time, this was a secret to him until he decided to go out while dolled up. Steve then went under the name of "Stevie" and enjoyed luring men to his secret chambers to do horrible things to them. Steve likes to attend the Dorito Anime Cons and likes to cosplay as his favorite anime characters, and is very popular online.

Steve's Forbidden Love with Zvjezdorito

Steve and Zvjezdorito had met in a dorito bar while Zvjezdorito was wallowing in sorrow about his misfortunes. Zvjezdorito caught a glimpse of Steve and immediately went for the kill. Steve and Zvjezdorito hit it off fast and then began a romantic relationship. Zvjezdorito, a god, wasn't allowed to actually associate with mortals outside of deals, but decided that he wanted to broaden his horizons and find a woman. Steve didn't know he was a god, and began to form deep feelings with him.

After months of romance, they had both decided to reveal their secrets to each other. Steve was shocked after finding out his lover was a god, but Zvjezdorito was ready for Steve's secret... or so he thought.

Steve had admitted to being a man, and that his name was not Stevie. Zvjezdorito was outraged, feeling lied to the whole time, and swore to never love a mortal ever again. He left in a fit of rage back to his cheesy depths and never visited the bar they met at ever again.

It is unknown where Steve lurks now, but some say that he has changed his persona once again and lures men to his chambers still to this very day.

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